Sunday, 4 July 2010

Blog chart

The horoscope of this blog is found here. The chart is an elected one. I have intentionally chosen what I believe is the best possible moment in time within a predetermined time frame. I could very well suspect the horoscope is a beneficial one. It is of course impossible to achieve perfection, and all charts will inevitably contain an equal amount of the advantageous and unfavourable, but I'll conjecture one can single out auspiciousness and put it to valuable use.

Wu Qu (# Hua Quan) and Tian Fu are located in Ming in Zi. Shen shares palace with Ming. By san fang si zheng (三方四正) there are no xiong stars involved with either Ming or Shen. I do tend to appreciate the Chang Sheng star series and can note Tai - 胎 - in Ming in this horoscope. In Chen is Wen Chang, a star that has to do with expressing oneself in writing.


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