Tuesday 29 March 2011

博士十二神煞 The Bo Shi star series

Translated from here.

博士 Bo Shi

- Water

- signifies 聰敏 cōngmǐng = intelligent, quick, bright, brilliant, clever

This star enables longevity. The individual of Bo Shi is acute of sight and hearing, bright, smart, and intelligent. He or she is of ability and talent. With this star there are power and authority. Bo Shi signifies influential officials, bigwigs.

力士 Li Shi

- Fire

-  權 quán = authority, power, right

The native is good at help and assistance. The person is is partial to managing things, handling stuff; to make arrangements, to plan and prepare.

青龍 Qing Long

- Water

- 喜慶 xǐqìng = to celebrate, congratulate; a joyous event, festivities

With this star situations and circumstances are excellent, superb, wonderful. Qing Long betokens a happy and joyous occasion. There is a joyful atmosphere; to be full of joy and cheery. The person... [?]. The native is perceptive, sharp-witted, alert, mercurial, and changeable.

小耗 Xiao Hao

- Fire

- 地耗 dìhào = [?]

Xiao Hao has to do with loss of money and damage to wealth. It represents depletion, wear and tear, consumption; to use up. And bankruptcy; to suffer financial loss. The individual is unable to accumulate money.

將軍 Jiang Jun

- Wood

- 武 wǔ = military; of the martial arts; brave and daring

In the matters of this star circumstances are both urgent and pressing and good and well. The person of Jiang Jun is brave and fierce; powerful and valiant. With this star there are might, power, and an awe-inspiring display of military force. The individual is firm, staunch, tough, short-tempered, irascible, fiery, explosive, and hot-headed.

奏書 Zou Shu

- Metal

- 福 fú = luck, happiness, good fortune

Zou Shu has to do with being well-informed. This star represents good fortune, happiness, and luck. There are delight and gladness what with documents, official dispatch, archives, records, diplomas, written stuff.

飛廉 Fei Lian

- Fire

- 孤克 gūkè = separation and loneliness

Fei Lian gives the means to destruction and damage; to knock the bottom out of, to spoil. And disputes and spats; to quarrel right and wrong. This star betokens loneliness; to be lonely. And 克害 --> 残害 cánhài = to cruelly injure, slaughter, devastate.

喜神 Xi Shen

- Fire

- 延壽 yánshòu = to prolong one's life, to extend life

With Xi Shen circumstances and situations are auspicious and harmonious. This star represents 延嗣 yánsì = continuing posterity; 延續 yánxù = to continue, go on, extend, last; 吉慶 jíqìng = a happy event, an auspicious occasion.

病符 Bing Fu

- Water

- 災病 zāibìng = misfortune and calamity what with an illness, ailment, disease

Bing Fu effectuates disaster and misfortune to do with disease, sickness, ailments. And quarrels and disputes. Meeting with stuff, the person is not vigorous and energetic. Bing Fu allows for sickness, disease, suffering.

大耗 Da Hao

- Fire

- 損耗 sǔnhào = wear and tear; loss, wastage

With this star there is disaster what with squandering money and wealth. Da Hao signifies... [?]. And loss of money and damage to wealth and valuables; to spend, waste, and squander money.

伏兵 Fu Bing

- Fire

- 暗 àn = hidden, secret; dark, dull, dim; unclear, hazy, concealed

Fu Bing is associated with trouble, danger, worry or misfortune that are hidden, concealed, masked, covert. There are spats, disputes and quarrels, possibly quarrels that are concealed and hidden, not in the open.

官府 Guan Fu

- Fire

- 刑 xíng = punishment, sentence, penalty; torture, corporal punishment

Guan Fu brings about litigation. And lawsuits. There are disputes and quarrelling; legal proceedings; and prison and jail.

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